Who we are

There are three types of creative innovators.

The pioneers.

The perfectionists.

And the ingenious.

The first ones are the inventors that changed the game forever.

The others like to go by the textbook, trying to follow it perfectly.

We are not trying to be trailblazers, and we don’t want to follow preset rules either. We are the ones who like to stir things up.

Our Philosophy

Young, talented and well-rounded people who love what they do are the core of Digita.

As we are not a full-service agency (and we don’t strive to be one), we focus our efforts solely on digital communication.

Our mission is to stir things up.

The way we achieve this is by constantly trying to overcome the
black-and-white-all-or-nothing thinking that kills creativity. We don’t believe in routinization, and the “one size fits all” formula.

Our team’s goal is to create an unfiltered environment, where the best idea comes

What we picture for Digita in the future, is to build a strong identity that speaks for itself.

What we do

Digita is a 360° digital solutions agency that focuses on bringing together creativity with technical innovation, utilizing the latest technology in the most cost-effective way.

What matters to us: delivering work that brings results, embodies our perspective and lives up to our clients’ expectations.

We want to be bold. Brave. Take risks. Make waves.

We want to rekindle the importance of creativity and make it work in an overcrowded market of fast results that skip a whole creative journey.

The ad world of today seems more and more like an ongoing race to occupy the same space.

We want to occupy our very own space, intentionally.

We want to remind people that this is not supposed to be a race rather than a continuous tide of great ideas.

We want to remind people how fundamental it is to stir things up.


Branding & Rebranding

Build or refresh the identity of your brand, by creating visuals that tell your story. Make people know instantly more about you, incorporating effective and smart designs.


Position your brand in the mind of your prospects with a clear, concise communication that clears objections and fuels motivation.

Strategy Development

Set clear and specific goals about your brand’s journey. Minimize the uncertainty and plan ahead for a better overall performance.

Web & App development

Showcase your work and reach your prospects with a website that works fast and smart. Build apps that perform well and get you closer to your audience.

Digital campaigns

Channel your marketing efforts online with creative campaigns that target, engage, and convert. Understand more about your brand gathering scalable results.

UX design

Make your product stand out while being useful and usable with UX design optimization.

Content Strategy & SMM

Manage your brand voice the right way. Create and distribute meaningful messages to your audience to earn their attention and create a positive impact.

E commerce

Grow your business digitally by implementing e commerce. Sell products and services by reaching consumers and catering to your audience faster.

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