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New Door

New Door case study

New Door is a new real estate company, located in Tirana and operating in different cities in Albania. Its services are mainly focused on helping people who want to sell, buy or rent different properties, located in Tirana or other cities.

Their mission is to make the processes of selling, buying or renting as simple and rewarding as possible.

Their mission is to make the processes of selling, buying or renting as simple and rewarding as possible.

Main Challenge

Simplifying navigation

Since New Door is a new company, it did not have an online presence. Logically, the first step was to create a website. The website would make it possible for New Door to: 

  • showcase their philosophy 
  • show the full range of its services 
  • display all the properties that the company manages

The main goal for us was to make the navigation of the website as simple as possible. As a result, the first task was creating a website application that was easy to understand and could be navigated by customers effortlessly. 

The Solution

Structuring information


We agreed on creating an advanced search engine for the website application. 

This application is a crucial part of the company’s online presence. Thanks to it, prospective customers can go through the numerous property listings and find what they are looking for or create an idea of what properties the company offers. 

This engine helps customers filter all the information about the properties, based on an address, a city, a neighbourhood, etc. It simplifies the whole process for the user, making them feel comfortable and allowing them to focus on choosing the right property. It also provides the key features, benefits and main amenities of the property, so that users can make sane decisions. 

The web copy was also created with this philosophy in mind. We talked to New Door’s employees and they wanted their dedication and expertise to show throughout the copy. So we stayed true to their values, by making a simple yet dedicated statement.


A door is endless possibilities

Real estate is not an easy job. Multiple people at all levels of a real estate company come together to assist their customers in finding the property that perfectly suits their needs. The slogan was going to be about the essence of the industry and the company itself. So, to find it, we needed to understand New Door better. 


We kept thinking about the qualities of this company and its people. Availability, expertise, quality and dedication to its customers to help them find the properties that will be their future homes, shops, offices and so much more. These values were what set New Door apart from the other competitors. 


They were giving their clients an opportunity to change their future. Buying a property is a costly and risky investment, whether you’re looking for a house or a workspace. When you spend your money on a new property, your mind has to be fully made up, you have to choose wisely. You have to understand that what you’re getting, is going to stay with you for years to come. 


A new space is a new hope for the future. Oftentimes, we associate it with a better life, and a better us. A new beginning. So, the slogan had to be:

“Unlock your future”



A door to your future

As a real estate company, New Door works with different people to make sure that sellers, renters or buyers of properties are happy with their investments. 

When we looked at different competitors and their logos, we noticed that most were based on the symbol of the house. We wanted to do something entirely different, close to their brand name; so we thought of a door.

Doors seem to be at the center of the whole process of New Door. Behind each door could be hidden the future home of a family, or the future offices of an ambitious entrepreneur, and so many other possibilities. 

We wanted to translate this feeling of endless possibilities that doors hold into the company’s logo. Thus, we drew our inspirations from ancient architecture.

The logo is made of fine golden arches. The arches vary in size, growing outwards from the centre frame, to create the symbol of an arched door. 

We created the logo this way to further expand the company’s philosophy of the doors that the future holds. The shape and the golden color make an elegant combination that communicates the idea of luxury and dedication.


Rich and professional

The color palette is made of cool tones, with a rich sherpa blue that is used to section the website and highlight the advanced search tab of the web application.

We used this blue color to transmit the feelings of formality and trustworthiness that the company is identified with. 

A strong energetic orange was used on the buttons throughout the entirety of the website, to make them as distinguishable as possible to the user.

To tie it all together we chose a grey background, that implies professionalism and simplicity.