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Tirana Trade

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Tirana Trade

& Distribution

TTD Case Study

Making an upfront but far-from-bland statement. 

Tirana Trade & Distribution is a company located in Tirana and operating all over Albania. Its services are focused mainly on wholesale and B2B mass distribution. 

Their mission is to make high-quality products accessible to a large number of businesses in Albania.

Main Challenge

Delivering authenticity.

TTD had a missing overall online presence, in contrast to its competitors. So the first step in achieving exposure was to build a website where we could showcase TTD’s philosophy and range of services. 

Our main goal was to differentiate the client from what distribution companies in the region usually do for their brand. The primary task was to find the right voice and create an identity that is authentic to TTD. 

The Solution

Bring the necessary forward.

We kept things simple. 

After research and numerous meetings, the developing and designers team decided to build a minimalistic web structure and visuals. The audience isn’t familiar yet with TTD’s brand identity, so a clean aesthetic would help accentuate the crucial elements on the website. 

The copywriting was also created around this idea. We wanted to immediately communicate every important piece of information, cut unnecessary content, and keep a concise and direct vocabulary. 


What’s the essence of distributing?

To find the right slogan, we had to understand and know TTD better. Distributing to the masses is a complex job, made of small processes conducted by tons of people and tools that have to align together perfectly to achieve the predicted result. Every time. 


Therefore, we built a persona, a fictional character that represents the company’s personality. This way, we were able to find four key traits. We thought of Tirana Trade & Distribution as a company that exudes order, quality, safety, and punctuality. After we narrowed down these four essential traits into two short sentences what we got was; 

“On point. On time.”

Our goal was to distance ourselves from the overheard and overused slogan formulas that achieve no differentiation between companies. Structurally, grammatically and phonetically, we decided on something short and simple. No long sentences. No difficult words and complicated pronunciations. No superlatives. 

This philosophy was also implemented throughout the whole web copy. We talked to people who work at TTD, and being objective was their main value. We decided to stay true to their mindset by being upfront, somewhat formal while avoiding being bland.


The package of all packages

As a distribution company, TTD’s work is based on storing and delivering goods to different locations around the country. An item present throughout the whole process of managing goods is packaging, boxes, and containers. 


We thought of taking their shape, the square, to create the logo. The shape is defined with strong angles and is composed of smaller quadrants that are visible and have different red tones, creating a gradient effect on the bigger picture. 


We used this technique to give the message of something loading, something on the way, a process. The shape and the color palette combined are also very straightforward in communicating to the audience what TTD does. 


Fast and energetic

 The color palette is headed towards warm tones, with a leading red that is a focal point of the whole experience when you scroll down the website. Many distribution companies use the blue and purple spectrum or colors that aren’t as vivid as this one, to present formality and trustworthiness.  

 While this is true, we decided to go in a completely different direction and use bright red, signifying energy and speed. This also reinforces the message that TTD is always on time with a reliable service. 

 We matched the loud red with a grey front image. Also, we stayed away from busy visuals and images that can easily confuse the eye. That’s why the selected images have calmer tones for an enjoyable navigation.